Channon Rose is Pregnant with Twins, But They Sadly Won’t Survive

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They say god only gives you what you can handle, but Channon Rose has been dealing with SUCH an overwhelming amount of bad news lately that it seems ridiculous at this point. The YouTube star has been going through fertility treatments for years so she and husband Travis Dean can expand their family, so you can only imagine how happy she was when she found out she was pregnant about a month ago. Unfortunately, the 31-year-old thought she miscarried the baby, but later found out it was actually an ectopic pregnancy and had to get surgery to remove her Fallopian tubes. Just when she thought the worst was over, she was hit with more shocking (and heartbreaking) news — she’s STILL pregnant…with TWINS…but the babies will not survive.

Basically, Channon had to go to the emergency room multiple times over the past few days because she was bleeding heavily, feeling sick, etc. Doctors did a few blood tests to figure out what was wrong with her, and they subsequently discovered that her hCG levels (a hormone that elevates when you’re pregnant) had increased greatly, even after she had surgery to remove the ectopic pregnancy — this basically confirmed that she was, at one point, expecting multiples.

“Both pregnancies were not in the Fallopian tubes, and not in the uterus,” she explained. “[The doctor] thinks one was in the abdomen and one was behind the uterus.”

Sadly, neither fetus is viable for life and Channon is probably miscarrying one or both of the babies, which is why she’s been bleeding so much recently. While this sounds like horrible news, it’s actually good because it means her body is getting rid of the dangerous pregnancies on its own, so they probably won’t have to give her a chemotherapy drug to help remove them.

The blonde is incredibly strong and we know she can handle anything that’s thrown at her, but at this point, enough is enough — Channon and Travis deserve no more drama in their lives and a healthy, happy baby.