Chance Sutton Denies That His Alleged Leaked Nudes Are Real

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ICYMI, Chance Sutton‘s Twitter and Snapchat accounts were hacked yesterday. Not only did the hacker leak private messages from FaZe Banks that claim he cheated on Tessa Brooks before they broke up, but also a NSFW picture of was was supposedly his penis. But while the 20-year-old didn’t deny the cheating rumors, he was SUPER adamant that the d*ck pic was NOT real.

“All I want you to take away from this, the only thing I care about — THAT’S NOT MY D*CK,” he said during a recent Instagram live stream. “Bro. That sh*t’s so curved and veiny…get the f*ck out of here.”

The Team 10 guy then put his phone down so he could (jokingly) unzip his pants to show off his actual peen, which he ended up not actually doing, thank goodness!

Anthony Trujillo encouraged him to stop talking about the rumors, but Chance just wouldn’t back down.

“Bro, I don’t care,” he replied. “This is my life. This is my reputation on the line. I can’t go down [like this].”

While most people would probably be relieved that their private parts weren’t actually splashed all over the Internet, the YouTuber was kinda upset…’cause, ya know, he’s so concerned with his reputation for being ~well endowed~.

“Guys, I may have taken an L today. But if there’s one thing I want you to take away from this…that was not my d*ck. I’m actually salty i wish it was mine. I wish they leaked my actual one. I’d rather you see that than that curved little thing.”

Here are the videos of him talking about the leak:

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Welp, guess it’s good to know that the naked photo isn’t legit, but don’t you think Chance would’ve commented on the fact that everyone thinks he cheated on his ex? No? Okay…cool.