Alissa Violet’s Boyfriend Accuses Chance Sutton of Cheating on Tessa Brooks

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What happens in the DMs never stays in the DMs. Last night, Chance Sutton‘s Twitter and Snapchat accounts were hacked, and messages that he probably hoped would never see the light of day were leaked for his millions of fans to see. The most incriminating conversation actually happened between the 20-year-old and Alissa Violet‘s new boyfriend, FaZe Banks, who actually accused the Team 10 guy of cheating on ex-girlfriend Tessa Brooks.

The private convo happened at the beginning of the month after Chance went to Banks’ house to get a reaction for a video. The 25-year-old clearly was not happy that the YouTuber came onto his property, so he tweeted about the situation, causing CS to slide into his DMs.

Chance stopped replying to the FaZeClan guy’s messages at that point, which the latter did NOT like. It was at that point that he accused Chance of cheating on the 18-year-old with a girl named Mallory.

Banks wrote, “Your new chick Mallory has been to my house 100x and love that d*ck…holy f*ck I’m crying…I can’t believe it. It’s all g, I’d cheat on Tessa, too.”

The hacker also got into Chance’s Snapchat account, which contained saved notes to someone named Nicolette that are pretty darn incriminating. The conversation (which included a NSFW picture of her butt, BTW) took place in late July, BEFORE Chessa broke up.

There’s also a video of CS dancing with a mystery woman.

Chance has not spoken out about the leaked notes, or the cheating allegations, but he DID delete his Twitter account following the hacking. Tessa is currently hacked as we speak, but so far, nothing incriminating has come out from her personal pages.