Is Chace Crawford Getting an Emmy Nomination?!

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The Emmy nomination ballots are officially out and, as we just found out literally today, apparently actors can nominate themselves. Weird. And to our surprise, Chace Crawford has nominated himself in the Best Lead Actor in a Drama category for Gossip Girl. It’s weird for two reasons: One being he’s so not the lead on that show (Penn! Ed!) and two being well, he has no shot at winning. But we digress…

So, what other GG stars put themselves in the Emmy ballot?!

According to Vulture, Leighton Meester‘s in there too for Best Lead Actress. But remember, guys, these are just the preliminary nominations and neither Chace nor Leighton have officially gotten nominated. Just wanted to clear that up.

Do you think Chace deserves an Emmy? Does Leighton? Which other GG star do you think is most deserving of the award?! Tell us in the comments below!