8 Celebs (Like Taylor Swift) Who Look Totally Bangin’

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Okay, so we’re sure you already heard the news that Taylor Swift got bangs. But this isn’t the first time TSwift has given bangs a try, so we were all like, “Uh, what’s the big deal?” But then we realized…

This time around Taylor looks even more fab with bangs than last time since they’re shorter and look much neater. This look is a total keeper!

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Tay’s new hair got us thinking though: which other celebs have tried the blunt look and looked totally fab?! Here’s what we came up with…

Taylor Swift
Side note: Here’s that Twitter pic that got everyone buzzing.


Leighton Meester

Selena Gomez


Vanessa Hudgens

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Kim Kardashian

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Jessie J


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How do you feel about Taylor Swift’s new look? Which of these celebs do you think looks even better with bangs? Have you ever tried bangs? Sound off!