12 Celebrities That Savagely Dissed the Bad Gal Herself, Rihanna!

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Celebs Who Dissed Rihanna


It’s been a while since Rihanna first stepped onto the music scene with “Pon De Replay” back in 2005, but ever since her debut single, she’s managed to stay on top. Today, she’s one of the most respected female musicians in the industry and while it’s due, in part, to her incredible tunes, it also has a lot to do with the fact that she doesn’t take sh*t from anyone.

In the more than two decades that she’s been famous, Bad Gal RiRi never once hesitated when it came to clapping back at her haters, and trust us… there have been many. In the past, a bunch of celebs have come for Rihanna, but something tells us that many of them are just envious of all her success. After all, she’s a total icon and absolutely no one can touch her. So, are you wondering which celebs dared to diss the crooner? Take a look: