12 Pairs of Musicians That Have Gone on Tour Together More Than Once

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When we think of summer, we automatically associate it with going to concerts. Outdoor venues are the best and the feeling of the warm summer air combined with being in the presence of your fave artist makes the experience unforgettable. As summer slowly approaches, we’re getting more and more info about all of the celebs/musicians who are planning to take their show on the road. The only thing better than seeing one person in concert is when they are accompanied by an equally awesome musician who is also their friend! We know that a ton of celeb BFFs like working together, but going on the road with someone is serious commitment.

Most of the time when celeb BFFs go on tour together, the whole tour is sold out within minutes of going on sale, so we’re forced to live vicariously through pictures and videos that are posted on social media. But sometimes these artists know how much we love their combined work, so they continue to tour together. We rounded up all of the celebrity friends who have gone on tour together more than once and it makes us love these friendships even more: