Do These 6 Stars Just Want Attention? ’cause They Totally Dissed Charlie Puth

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We all know that Charlie Puth is super talented and all over the radio right now. However, just because he’s crushing it in terms of his career, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten into his fair share of beef with other famous celebs. We know… what a bummer.

Although we always like to believe that our faves are not problematic at all, the reality is that that’s simply not true. In fact, there have been several celebs who’ve come at Charlie hard for many different reasons. Whether it was an ex who felt slandered, a musician who accidentally shaded him or a washed-up boyband threatened by his fresh sound, Charlie’s been dissed more than a handful of times. Are you wondering which celebs dared to diss the “How Long” singer? Check it out: