10 of Your Fave Celebs Who Actually Had the Worst Prom Nights Ever

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With prom night steadily approaching, we’re all starting to hunt down the perfect date, the coolest nail art and the best hairstyles to don on the big night. All this time spent on prep is totally worth it, because prom is supposed to be a night to remember for all the best reasons. Sure, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato crashed a prom and had a total blast, and Debby Ryan had a #noregrets fun-filled evening with her BFF. But for some stars, reality doesn’t live up to the expectations at ALL.

For some, the big P can turn out to be a complete and total disappointment. If that’s how it was/ends up being for you, at least now you know that you are definitely not alone — some of your favorite stars even left for prom looking like that scary Snapchat filter IRL (you know, the one with all the makeup smears and mascara dripping like you just went to a My Chemical Romance concert). Check out the gallery below to hear about the bad dates, bad dresses and just all-around bad celebrity experiences at prom: