10 Celebrity Women Who Went From Naughty to Nice

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Tumblr (demiigifs)

Tumblr (demiigifs)

The show Bad Girls Club has returned for a brand-new season and, this time around, their theme is “Redemption.” Basically, each woman in the cast gets the chance to revamp her reputation and put some of that unsavory stuff behind her. If she wants. Or she can also flip a table and pour a drink in someone’s face too, I guess. It’s really up to her, because this is reality television, after all.

But things work in a surprisingly similar way in real life! There are quite a few celebrity women out there who really went through some really rough stuff in their youth, and were able to turn it around in adulthood to such an extent that they seem like a completely different person. And they have the families and careers and support systems to show for it, which is pretty much the definition of redemption, don’t you think? So, in honor of my optimism that these ladies can pull it together, let’s look at ten celebrity women who did just that — went from naughty to nice.

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