We Love Winter Hat Hair! Copy These Celebs’ Cold Weather Looks

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Sometimes stars have to style their own hair (poor things, right?!) and in cold weather, there’s nothing easier than throwing on a seasonally approps hat. (OK, sometimes we also see celebs sporting their knit hats on coffee runs in ridiculously sunny L.A. weather.) Either way, this is one celeb hair trend that couldn’t be easier to copy.

One reason we love it is that it can hide some maje hair faux pas, like greasy roots or grown-out color. So if you’re going to skip washing for a day or need to touch up your dye job, throwing on a knit cap like these ladies did is an awesomely easy trick.

One of our current fave style icons, Elizabeth Olsen, learned how to wear the knit cap from the masters — her older sisters, MK and A.
 If you have straight/wavy hair and no bangs:

1. Start with a knit hat that’s loose enough to pull down to your eyebrows.
2. Flip your head over and run your fingers through your hair from the roots to the ends to give it a little texture. Don’t brush! You want that kind-of-messy look. Use a dab of shine serum if your hair’s frizzy.
3. Pull on your hat and make sure it covers your ears. Adjust the front so it’s about an inch above your eyebrows.

Taylor Swift doesn’t just wear cute hats on the cover of Vogue. She wears them to Sundance, too!

If you have straight hair and bangs:

1. Also start with a knit hat that’s loose enough to pull down to your eyebrows.
2. Brush out hair and, if needed, quickly straighten out your ends and bangs with a flat iron on a low setting. They don’t need to be stick straight.
3. Pull on your hat and leave the lower half of your bangs showing.

AnnaLynne McCord has some seriously enviable curly locks. She shows they don’t have to be perfectly styled, either.

If you have curly hair:

1. Start with a loose knit hat that has a little extra room in the top to balance out your exposed curls.
2. Apply a curl-enhancing spray or gel through the ends of your hair. Your roots don’t need it because they’ll be hidden under your hat.
3. Pull on your hat far enough to just cover your ears. Don’t pull it down too far or there won’t be any extra hat volume at the top to balance out your curls.

Do you ever throw on a hat like these ladies to doctor up your winter hair? What do you think of this look? Let us know!

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