7 Stars Who Played the Younger Version of Their Famous Older Sibling on Screen

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Elle Fanning and Dakota Fanning (in the adorable GIF above) sure did mean it when they said they do everything together… the celebrity siblings even played the same character twice when they were tots!

These two sisters are not the only siblings who have capitalized on the fact that they look so darn similar to further their careers. It’s a great way to introduce a youngster with acting in their blood into the wild world of the entertainment industry WHILE getting to turn the studio into their family room. Elle and Dakota, as well as other celebrity sister or brother pairs, noticed that and pounced at the chance to work together playing the same person (or let’s be honest… their parents did).

In fact, there are six other stars who took the opportunity to play the younger version of their older sibling’s character in a movie or TV show. Keep reading to see which of your favorite famous sibs acted side-by-side (kind of) on-screen: