6 Celebrities Who Totally Crashed a Wedding in 2017

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A lot can happen unexpectedly at a wedding. A bridesmaid and a groomsman might hook up, divorced parents who haven’t seen each other in a decade might reconcile, alcohol might cause the maid of honor to cry during her speech, and maybe — just maybe — a celebrity shows up.

With their careers putting them in the public eye, celebrities try to keep a sense of privacy when they’re not entertaining for the camera or a live audience. Hands up when the paparazzi near, sneaking out of back doors and generally just trying to avoid giving the media anything to distort, celebrities are savvy at keeping a low profile when they want it. And while it can dishearten us, we have to understand they’re just people, too!

But every so often, stars give us exactly what we want… which is a little fan love. The following went above and beyond and actually crashed weddings of some very lucky couple this year: