8 Celebrities Who’ve Been Victims of Fake Nude Photo Leaks

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Naked photos of celebrities are kind of a hot button issue these days, thanks to the hackers who leaked intimate pictures of ladies like Jennifer Lawrence. While some victims of the leak have admitted the authenticity of the pictures and condemned the invasion of privacy, others, like Ariana Grande, maintain that the photos attributed to them are fake.

It’s not the first time celebrities have denied the authenticity of alleged nude photos. Sometimes photos get leaked of a naked person whose face is covered, and people go, “That’s so totally [insert celebrity name]!” But then the celebrity or her rep has to release a statement informing everyone that no, it is not so totally [insert celebrity name]. Of course, in a lot of cases people remain skeptical and think perhaps the celeb is lying to save face. Whether you believe them or not, here are eight celebrities who’ve said their alleged naked photos were fake. Or, if you prefer, “fake.” Faked photos. Can we make that a thing or does it not work since “faked” is already a word? Naked fauxtos maybe? We’ll work on it.

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