What Teen.com Would Tweet If We Hacked Celebs’ Twitters…

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TwitterHey guys, any of you notice all the celeb Twitter hacking that’s been going on lately?! From Dianna Agron‘s to Lady Gaga‘s, hackers were on a frenzy this week, and posting some really crazy stuff. We swear it wasn’t us though. Howev, this did give us some inspiration and got us thinking… what would we say if we hacked some of our faves’ Twitter accounts?

Well, if we at Teen.com actually had a few minutes to get into some peeps accounts like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, here’s what we’d probs say:



Charice Twitter

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Twitter


Zendaya Twitter
Wait, nevermind. She actually did tweet this at us recently. Love you too, Zendaya!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Twitter

James Maslow

James Maslow Twitter

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Twitter

Kylie Jenner

Kylier Jenner Twitter

What did you think of our tweets? Think these guys would ever actually tweet this kinda stuff? Whose Twitter would you hack and what would you tweet? Sound off!

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