6 Celebrities Who All Have the Same Hidden (and Painful!) Piercing

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Everyone’s experience the dreadful, EXCRUCIATINGLY painful moment when you accidentally bite your tongue. It doesn’t matter if you simply graze the side of that bad boy, or completely chomp down like it’s a piece of meat — that ish hurts like heck! So when we think about people sitting a a chair, having their tongue clamped down, and getting a thick-a** needle shoved through it, we literally shudder hardcore.

But while you might cringe along with us, it’s clear that some celebrities DGAF about pain, ’cause they actually went and got a piercing in their tongue! Sure, one may have admitted that the experience was the “most painful” thing that ever happened, but you know what they say — beauty is pain! And when stars want something, they basically always get it.