10 Insane Celebrity Features & Traits You Can Never Unsee

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You guys. We hate to do this to you, but after reading the following, you'll never be able to look at your favorite celebrities the same way again. (And not in the funny Zac Efron-dressed-in-drag sort of way.) #sorrynotsorry We know it's easy to assume that all stars are perfect, but trust us, they're not. From Selena Gomez who has knees that'll haunt your dreams to Miley Cyrus' strange similarities to Justin Bieber, your minds are about to be blown:

1. Selena Gomez's knees. They look like demonic baby faces, don't they?

Tumblr (curryboy1234)

2. Nicolas Cage as Miley Cyrus. He came in like a wrecking ball.


3. Megan Fox's thumbs. Her condition is technically called brachydactyly, but we more commonly know it as 'toe thumbs.'

Tumblr (littlebird0111)

4. Justin Bieber morphing into Miley Cyrus. It's kinda scary how easy these photos are meshed together.


5. Nick Jonas' twin sister. So, does Nick really look like the girl or does the girl look like Nick?


6. Tom Cruise's asymmetrical face. Yep, he has a tooth in the CENTER of his face.


7. Sofia Vergara taking off an Emma Watson mask. Mind. Is. Blown.


8. Miley Cyrus' bleached eyebrows. Unlike the whole tongue/twerking thing, thankfully this trend didn't stick around for very long.

9. And, just to toss another Miley thing in here: MiCy's Seth Rogen knees. Good call, BuzzFeed!

10. Lastly, our friend Caitlin Corsetti from Gurl.com (because we're basically like celebrities) has Harry Potter Mandrake knees! So if you ever find someone who's petrified, give her a call!

Caitlin Corsetti/Warner Bros.

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