7 Celebrity Stunt Doubles Who Got Tragically Hurt on Movie Sets

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A film set is definitely NOT the safest place a person could be at. Particularly with action or adventure movies, the set can quickly become dangerous. If you think about it, there are plenty of things that could go wrong, even when careful planning is done. Unfortunately, actors sometimes find themselves battered and bruised (and then some) when they choose to perform their own stunts. Other times, injuries occur as the result of a freak accident.

For stars who prefer to not do their own stunts, or movie studios that wish not to be sued for on-set injuries, this is where stunt doubles come into the picture. Stunt men and women put their lives at risk whenever they attempt to execute a maneuver on-screen. If you think about it, they basically get paid to endanger themselves for the sake of a movie sequence. Although these people are trained professionals, accidents do sometimes occur. Click through the gallery below to check out several celeb stunt doubles that got seriously hurt while on set: