11 Celebrities Who Dressed Up Like a Character from Stranger Things

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In case you somehow didn’t already know, the second season of Stranger Things hits Netflix TODAY! We have been waiting for this ever since the first season aired last summer, and we got even more excited when the final trailer for the season dropped earlier this month. In honor of the new series finally being available to stream, we’re taking a look back at all the celebrities who love Stranger Things just as much as we do!

Halloween is already somehow next week, and if you’re anything like us, then you may have just truly realized that you need a costume ASAP. There are TONS of incredible pop culture moments and TV show scenes that could totally work as costume — we mean, Taylor Swift‘s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video has enough costume ideas to last a whole month!

Although all of those ideas are perfect and would totally make any Halloween party a success, we’re looking towards one of the hottest shows for inspiration. Last year, we saw dozens of the biggest celebs find inspiration from Eleven, Barb Holland and Mike Wheeler, and now we’re finding inspiration from them!

Eleven is no doubt one of the most popular young female characters on TV at the moment, which is why Millie Bobby Brown should be protected at all costs. Eleven’s fan club is so big, that when an online shop posted a pic of a sexy “Upside Down Honey” costume, everyone totally freaked out.

Thankfully, none of our fave celebs wore this costume, but they still totally rocked the Stranger Things look! We have a feeling that even more celebs will be posting pics with fake bloody noses and waffles after binge-watching the second season over the weekend. There are so many good Eleven costumes that we can’t even think about choosing a favorite!