11 Hollywood Girl Gangs That are Giving Taylor Swift a Run for Her Money

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We all know that Taylor Swift wasn’t the first person in Hollywood to start a girl gang — female friendships among celebs was a thing LONG before she came around — but the squad she’s built is on another level. Remember when she rounded all of them up to film her “Bad Blood” music video? Iconic.

But while her gang had a good run, they’ve DEF seen better days. Trouble in paradise? Rumor has it that she and Karlie Kloss are on the rocks, Lena Dunham admitted she outed herself from the group because she likes one-on-one time and Lorde said she isn’t a member of the squad at all — she’s just a friend.

So can you blame us if we’ve started looking elsewhere for girl-gang inspo? Turns out, there are all kinds of leading ladies who hang out off of the red carpets. Some of them even started in Taylor’s squad themselves. Maybe we’ve reached the end of an era?