Katy Perry, Leighton Meester and More Spill Their At-Home Spa Beauty Secrets! (Tips & Pics)

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Leave it to celebs like Katy Perry and Beyonce to always have the most amazing skin or the healthiest looking nails. Jeal? Ugh. Us too. But our besties over at Posh24 have the scoop on how these celebs do it, so, ya know, obvs we’re gonna steal ’em, too.

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We know what you’re probs thinking. “There’s no way I can afford that stuff!” But nope. Wrongo. Posh24 revealed that these tricks will cost pretty much nothing at all, and duh, they can be done right at home.

Peep Katy’s, Beyonce’s and other celebs at-home spa secrets!

Katy Perry
If you’ve been wondering how Katy has such great skin, then you might wanna turn to banana peels for your next skincare treatment.


Leighton Meester
Blair’s Leighton’s got the secret for smelling totally fab. “I mix my own perfume,” she says. The perfume consists of vanilla, white tea and fig notes. Sounds yummy!


B’s got a little trick she does with a Vitamin E capsule; she breaks it open to get shiny, coated nails.


Jessica Alba
Want to get rid of those dark undereye circles? Jessica puts two slices of cucumbers on her eyelids to look instantly refreshed.


Christina Aguilera
Look no further than Christina for tips to get your nails super healthy. The Voice judge says to massage lotion around the sides and base of your nails to keep your cuticles from getting dry.


Do you have some of your own at-home spa secrets? Whose beauty tips are you most likely to follow? Give us the dish now!