8 Pairs of Celebrity Sisters That Performed Duets Together

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Having a sister can be tough. All the fights over who gets to use the bathroom first, who gets to decide what to watch on TV, etc., can turn even the best of siblings into momentary enemies. As much as you love your sis, there are definitely times that you don’t exactly like her, you know what we mean?

We can’t even imagine what it must be like to not only live with your sister, but work with her too, which is why we are seriously impressed by these celebrity sissies. It takes some serious family power to be with each other all the time, especially when it comes to being on the job. But these girls know just how to have the perfect work/life balance that has resulted in some serious magic.

There has been a TON of new music coming out lately, and we’re not just talking about Taylor Swift’s epic new single, “Look What You Made Me Do.” Girl groups like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix may not be blood related, but they basically act like sisters. Even though we love how close these ladies are, there are actually some real sets of celeb sisters that put their singing talents together to ~gift~ fans with magical collaborations.

Some related female duos actually made a career off of performing together, while others simply collab on random occasions. We rounded up all the celebrity sisters that have performed together in either capacity because #siblinggoals is a real thing that often makes out jealous.