12 Celebrity Siblings Who Tried and Failed to Get Super Famous

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Younger siblings all know what it’s like to live in the shadow of an older brother or sister. It’s like your parents, your teachers, everyone, wants you to follow in their footsteps and is disappointed when you don’t match up exactly. Whether it’s acing that chemistry final or finding that perfect prom date — or both — the pressure can pile on in no time; sometimes it becomes so common that you even find yourself making those comparisons on your own! No bueno.

Now imagine how it would feel if Lea Michele wasn’t an only child and had you for a younger sibling. Even if you were born before her, trying to measure up would still be such a drag. You got into college? Well, she acted on Broadway, played Rachel Berry on Glee, signed a record deal with Columbia, AND published two books. Oh, but you finally got that prom date? Lea went out with Charlie Puth — what else you got?

It’s easy to see that celebrities cast a much larger shadow than most older siblings. We give props to anyone who found their own fame separate from their sibs, like Kylie Jenner with her makeup line and Kendall Jenner with her Vogue covers — no one’s referring to them as Kim Kardashian’s little half-sisters anymore! And as much as we hate to say it, Elle Fanning has been getting more roles and more fame than her actress older sister Dakota Fanning these days. It can happen!

But that’s not the case for most sibs trying to make it in Hollywood. Instead of upstaging their famous brothers and sisters, it’s way more common for someone to give it a go before falling further and further out of the spotlight. That’s why you’ll be scratching your head and wondering, “Wait, who?” when you take a look at most of the siblings featured on this list.