Lady Gaga, Pauly D and More Remember 9/11 and, Duh, You Should Too (Video)

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Ok, so not to get all depressing on you or anything, but today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Please tell us you already knew that?! And sure, here at Teen.com we love news about Justin and Selena and Glee‘s latest gossip just as much as the next girl, but we just had to cover 9/11 in some way because it’d be weird and totally un-American if we didn’t.

But of course the September 11th vid we’re about to show you has celebrities involved…

Lady Gaga (who’s an NYC native), DJ Pauly D, Drake Bell and some other faves are in this PSA about what they’re doing — and what we should be doing — to remember September 11. Watch below:

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Do you remember where you were when the planes hit the World Trade Center? What are you doing today to remember 9/11/01? Tell us in the comments!