Happy Friday! Here Are 8 Awesome GIFs of Scared-Silly Celebs

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As much as we’d like to spend our time in an Internet field of unicorns and rainbows, we also love scary things… and, even better, watching celebs being scared by things. So in honor of the new horror flick Mama, in theaters today, we’ve compiled our eight favorite celeb scared faces of all time.

Even Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the most BAMF characters, gets scared sometimes. It’s all perfectly natural.


Though, we’re completely used to Lea Michele emoting like crazy as Rachel Berry, so it’s not surprising that her scared face is all kinds of mockable. #win


But let’s not make fun of Troian Bellisario‘s face. If we were Spencer Hastings in this situation, you can bet we’d look 95% more terrified. How does she manage to look so freaking graceful, even when running away from someone who wants to kill her? Questions, man. Questions.


Katy Perry is such a ’40s starlet, she even pats her hair when scared.
How ladylike! Those two should form a club.


Like always, Taylor Swift is ever more relatable. Would we probably collapse to the ground in fear if someone scared us on our way into the bathroom? The answer is yes.

taylor-swift-ellen-degeneres show-scared-funny-prank-freakout

Though, by now, peeps should honestly expect to get scared on The Ellen Show. Selena Gomez, you had fair warning. Your reaction is remarkable, but does it beat T. Swift’s?


An easier question to answer: Who would win in an “I’m the most scared” Glee fight? Sorry Lea, I think Naya Rivera‘s Santana Lopez freak-out beats yours, at least in terms of pure terror.


Not to ignore the celebs who show a quiet kind of fear, here we’ve got Britney Spears, looking like she just swallowed something naaasty. And by nasty, we mean something so absolutely terrifying, she can’t even get her vocal chords to work. Ouch.


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