5 Scandals from 2004 You’ll Have a Hard Time Believing Are 10 Years Old

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2004 was a monumental year for many reasons. The best movies hit theaters for the first time, the most iconic TV shows came to an end… All that sort of stuff. But it was also unforgettable in terms of celebrity scandals. Can you believe all of these are 10 years old already? AN ENTIRE FREAKING DECADE?! WHEN DID WE ALL START AGING??

1. Janet Jackson’s nip slip. It was the wardrobe malfunction heard ’round the world — and Justin Timberlake denied having any part of it.



2. Britney Spears got married — TWICE. Once to Jason Allen Alexander in January (for a solid 55 hours), then to Kevin Federline in October (for 2-3 years too long).

3. Mary-Kate Olsen checked into rehab for eating disorder. At least she sought out help for her difficulties.



4. Ashlee Simpson lip-synced on Saturday Night Live. Umm… why did we all care about this so much?

5. All the Lindsay Lohan rumors. LiLo was at the top of her game what with the debut of Mean Girls and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but then she got linked up to Wilmer Valderrama and Colin Farrell and it was all downhill from there.

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