6 Celebrities Who Were Forced to Stand Up to Racist Comments on Social Media

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As much fun as it may look to be a celebrity, having a verified check mark next to your name and millions of followers comes at a price. Our favorite stars are constantly being judge on what they wear, how they act and who they date, and are always under a microscope. It’s hard enough being called fat and constantly getting judged for your actions, but some hate just goes too far.

Combating this disgusting trend on social media usually results in more hate, so most celebs choose to ignore the negativity and focus on their supportive fans. There are other times, however, when the hate crosses the line and something needs to be said. We rounded up some of the biggest celebrities who have had to stand up to racist comments aimed their way. From gymnasts and comedians to singers and actors, no one is safe from the inexcusable and unnecessary hate.