10 Relationships You Care About More Than the Celebrities in Them

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There are only a few types of relationships in which it’s actually acceptable to be a little too invested in: your own, your best friend’s and, of course your favorite celebrities’. The first one is obvi, the second one is okay (as long as you’re sure not to meddle) and the third is… well, okay the third is a little odd. But no one’s judging you for it. Because being obsessed with a celebrity relationship is practically a skill. At least that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves all of this time…

The strangest thing, though, is when you care a WHOLE LOT more about the state of famous relationships than you do about the actual people involved in them. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love the celebrities individually; it’s just that there’s something about their joint forces that makes you a little… crazypants.

If you don’t exactly know how it’s possible to love the couple more than its parts, then allow us to introduce the following ten couples who you probably think more about as a duo than you do when they’re apart: