How to Perfect the Celeb Red Carpet Pose…For Prom!

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Click through a few of our Best Dressed galleries and you’ll see some our fave fashionistas with their hands on their hips. Why? That pose, along with a few others, is the key to landing an awesome red carpet photo and getting featured on! (Just kidding, but not really.) So we’re gonna show you how celebs like Taylor Swift and Jennette McCurdy rock the pose and how you can do it yourself. You might want to take notes for some killer prom pictures that you won’t mind your parents showing off to strangers!

Here are the basics of this chic pose:
1. Stand up straight and lock eyes with the photographer.
2. Rest your hand on your natural waist. (The smallest part of your middle.)
3. Leave your other arm straight and tucked into your side.

Taylor Swift is as comfy in this pose as she is in sequins. (OK, so we found the one pic out there of her in a non-sequin dress.) It makes your arm look like you’ve been doing lots of pushups, shows off your mani and brings attention to your fab outfit. No wonder it’s a go-to for so many celebs!

Say what you want about this other Taylor’s beauty look. (You already sounded off about her seriously smokey eyes here.) But she is totes rocking (pun intended) this rehearsed pose with a glare that challenges anyone to say she doesn’t look fab.

Ashlee Simpson has been popping up on red carpets again lately. She shows some advanced posing here with her hand-on-hip side of her body angled and her opposite knee slightly bent toward the camera. She knows her posing-for-pics stuff.

Chloe Moretz takes Ashlee’s pose a turn further and shows it’s equally gorge when photographed from the side. This is a great way to avoid the awkward I-was-looking-at-another-camera pose often seen in prom albums that will be popping up on a feed Facebook near you soon.

Getting dolled up for big movie premieres and award shows has to be like going to the prom all over again, right? Michelle Williams is def channeling prom queen with this glam gown and confident pose.

Jennette McCurdy found the perf medium between sassy and sweet with both hands on hips and a cute lilac dress. And bending one knee just a little in toward the other one makes your waist look way more defined, PS.

Having cameras following you for a career would force anyone into working all her best angles. Audrina Patridge has had plenty of practice posing for Bongo and cheeseburger ads. Naturally, promoting a new men’s cologne in a sequin dress is no prob.

New Smash and veteran Broadway star Megan Hilty knows how to work it for the camera. Take her cue and pose over your shoulder to show off an awesome dress back, or in this case, amaze heels!

This The Help star needs no assistance in posing. Ahna O’Reilly shows off some madge skills while holding the clutch, tilting her bent arm back and crossing her ankles. If you’re looking to gain some photogenic curves, combining these tricks is a quick and easy way.

Happy posing!

Have you ever tried posing like this? Will you use these tips for your prom pics? Which celeb perfects the pose? Let us know in the comments below!

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