15 ‘Celebrity Real Names’ Memes That Are Almost Funny Enough to be Legit

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Celebrities operate under stage names all the time for various reasons. Emma Stone, for example, changed hers because ‘Emily Stone’ was already registered for the Screen Actors Guild. Zayn Malik went with a different spelling of his birth name, ‘Zain,’ because he thought it looked cooler. Other stars, however, just embrace their hard-to-pronounce monikers and hope for the best.

Recently, a new meme has taken over Twitter that depicts some of our favorite celebs’ real names…errrrr…what they could be, at least. For example, Cardi B was actually born Belcalis Almanzar, but according to people on the internet, she is really Cardigan Backyardigan. We know — LOLZ! These ‘real names’ memes are legit SO funny and SO ridiculous that they almost could be legit! You never know these days — celebrities are known for utilizing some strange monikers.