Say What?! Willow Smith Talks Style

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We admit that we have just a little bit of a crush on obsession with Willow Smith, as you’ll see here, here and, well, here too, but it’s not our problem that the girl is just so gosh darn cute! She’s so poised, so well-spoken, and so all-around fab that we have a hard time believing she’s only 9 years old. But that all changed when we heard her say…

Wait, what’d Willow say? Click on to find out!

When asked about her style by Teen Vogue, Willow said:

“I used to like dresses and tights but when I turned nine, my style changed. My mom helps me pick out my clothes, but my brother always says: Willow, sag your pants!

We’re totally with ya, Willow. Our style changed when we turned nine, too.