Say What?! Which Budding It Girl Isn’t Allowed to Have Pierced Ears?

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 Sometimes we forget just how gosh darn young some of our fave actresses are. Hailee Steinfeld? She’s 14! And Bella Thorne? Even younger! But then we read quotes like this and totally remember that some of the best of the biz are barely even teenagers:

“I can only wear rings, bracelets and necklaces because I don’t have my ears pierced. My mom won’t let me get them pierced yet.”

So, who’s too young for big girl jewelry?

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It’s Hailee Steinfeld! She spilled to Teen Vogue that when it comes to accessories, she likes to “stay pretty clean because I want to keep it about the clothes.” And since she doesn’t have pierced ears anyway, that makes it way easier!

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