17 of the Cheesiest Celebrity Prom Photos… Ever

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Prom is a rite of passage that pretty much every teenager goes through — even future celebrities! That’s right, these people might be household names today, but at one point they were just regular ol’ kids who wanted to have a blast a prom.

And these stars might be red carpet experts now, but even they weren’t immune from taking a cheesy prom photo or two. Take for instance, Matthew McConaughey. One of his prom photos surfaced the night of the Academy Awards — ya know, when he won the Oscar for Best Actor — after his prom date’s niece shared the photo of the two wearing matching ensembles. Too cute!

Other stars such as Rihanna and Blake Lively have even had prom photos of their own surface, so in honor of the latest Flashback Friday, check those out and much more by clicking through the gallery below!