Sound-Off Sundays: Fill In the Speech Bubbles For Taylor Lautner, Dianna Agron and More!

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Sound-Off SundaysBecause we’re in a generous mood, it’s a special double-stuffed edition of Sound-Off Sundays! What does that mean, you ask? That means double the amount of pics, double the gleeks — hello, Dianna and Lea! — double the Biebs, and triple the Twilight stars! BUT, there’s obvi a catch attached to our generosity. We want double the amount of captions! Is that asking for too much? Maybe. But we’re gonna try it out anyway. Plus we left them all blank, so you just have to participate. So find out who won last week‘s contest right below, and get crackin’!

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Blah, you win! (Next time give us your name, so we can give you a proper congrats!)
Sound-Off Sundays

Well, what’re you waiting for? Go, go, go!