8 Celebrities Whose Parents Were Thrown in Jail For Messed-Up Crimes

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It’s pretty much expected that Hollywood stars will occasionally run into trouble with the law. Unfortunately, many celebs make dumb decisions — think of all the Disney stars who’ve gotten DUIs. Other crimes are so effed up that they’re hard to even believe, like Mark Salling‘s recent arrest for possession of child porn. (Like… there’s no coming back from that. You’re done, Mark.) Even some stars who seem squeaky-clean have criminal records, from Nina Dobrev to David Henrie.

Publicly admitting to an arrest is humiliating enough, but what if it’s your mom or dad who’s in the slammer?! That’s been the horrifying reality for a number of stars. Plenty of celebs have super-embarrassing parents, but jail time is definitely the worst of the worst. Take a look at the stars whose parents were on bad behavior, and try not to cringe too hard: