11 Celebrities Who Played the Parent of Their Real-Life Child in a Movie

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Columbia Pictures

Just the idea of having to work with our mom and/or dad in a professional setting gives even the best of us chills… and NOT in a good way. We love our parents of course, but there’s a huge difference between living with them and working with them, you know? But even though the thought of basically spending 24/7 with our ‘rents makes us cringe, there are tons of celebrities who are more than willing to share the spotlight with theirs in a movie.

We feel like we’ve seen a ton of young female stars work with their father on the big screen, but there are a TON of famous actors and actresses who have played a parent to their actual child in a movie, too. These people are obviously professionals, because while we’re sure it must’ve been a bit awkward to film such serious scenes with their mother and/or father, they absolutely KILLED it like it was NBD.