15 Celebrities Whose Parents Were Arrested for a SERIOUS Crime

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It’s no secret that being in the spotlight is hard work for stars. They’re always being followed by paps and have pretty much every single move documented by fans. It can be even more difficult if someone else in the family is also in the industry. There are tons of celebrities who have horrible relationships with their siblings, and although we love our brothers and sisters, we can sort of understand not getting along with your sib. Not getting along with a parent is a completely different story.

We have heard so much from brave celebs who have opened up about their abusive parents and we’ve heard crazy stories about moms who put their momager title ahead of their children. How you are raised is so crucial to the person you become, and it has been so inspiring to see how some of the biggest celebs have learned from their parents’ mistakes. We rounded up 15 celebs whose parents have been arrested for something SERIOUS — not that getting arrested isn’t serious enough on its own. We were shocked to learn about the home life that some of these celebs had and it makes us want to applaud their success even more.