11 Celebrities That Played Enemies in Movies But are BFFs Off Screen

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Honestly, there’s nothing cuter than celebrity best friends. Okay, puppies may be a bit more adorable, but famous BFFs are just as fun to keep track of and sometimes get a little obsessed with. Whether it’s a celeb duo that met on YA movie set like Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, or pairs who got close after working on a TV show together, we love ’em all!

The most unlikely friendships however, stem from stars who actually started out hating each other… on screen, at least. But just because they convinced the world they were mortal enemies in movies (it’s called acting, people!), doesn’t mean they feel the same IRL. We agree that it can be weird to see stars who played bitter rivals hanging out on vacations together, but it does happen and should be celebrated. See which stars fit into this category below!