7 Female Celebrities Who Had Their Pictures Banned from Instagram

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Instagram doesn’t have many rules. For the most part, whatever strange, gross or obscene thing that you can think to post, they’ll allow it. But the one rule which they enforce severely (and will defend to the death) is the ban on nudity.

It’s in their very long user agreement that no sane person has ever read in its entirety and they expect that all users abide by it. Otherwise, there will be consequences to pay. Sometimes, in an instance on a slight slap on the wrist, you’ll simply have your photo taken down by the company; other times, you entire account will be shut down.

And do you know who’s really good at pushing the limits of what Instagram will and won’t allow? Celebrities. Not all of them, but, like, these seven in particular, who have had their photos banned by the social network in the past: