10 Female Celebrities Who Rocked Revealing Nude Bodysuits

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We think that it can go without saying that Taylor Swift is the Queen of 2017. Although she has only come out of hiding since August, she has effectively taken over pretty much every aspect of our lives.

When she deleted every picture from Instagram and tweet from Twitter, we thought about doing our own social media purge. When she completely updated her look, thus, igniting her snake obsession, we were somehow no longer terrified of them. (Just kidding, we still hate them.)

Almost every single thing the 27-year-old blonde does now seems to have some sort of connection to Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, especially since KKW was the one to call out Taylor and was the reason behind the ‘I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative’ moment.

Now that we are officially in the SAME MONTH as the Reputation album release, we feel like we’re getting new Taylor content every day. In the span of one week, we got both the new song “Gorgeous” AND a music video for “…Ready for It?”

While some people are still trying to figure out who “Gorgeous” is really about and if her boyfriend mentioned in the song was Calvin Harris or Tom Hiddleston, other fans have turned their attention to the music video.

When T.Swift first uploaded a teaser from the music video, everyone was talking about how it looked like Tay was actually naked in one of the scenes. The teaser was so quick that we couldn’t get a real look at what she was wearing and it seemed like the Internet was going to burst into flames over the picture. It became obvious that Taylor was just wearing a nude robotic bodysuit in the video, but fans are still freaking out. Taylor even responded to the nude bodysuit hysteria by posting behind-the-scenes pics of her from set.

The craze that happened over the bodysuit got us thinking about all the celebs who have also ventured out into the public eye wearing a nude bodysuit. While some opted to add lace or sparkles, others left very little to the imagination. Taylor may be the most recent celeb to rock the nude bodysuit, but she’s definitely not the first.