The Week in Review, Expressed in Niall Horan GIFs

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OMG, as of today, Niall Horan is 21 years old, guys. Anyone else think that’s absolutely nuts?! We were introduced to him as a teen, and now he’s legal everywhere. We can’t even. ANYWAY, in celebration, we’re using GIFs of the birthday boy for the latest Week in Review. Follow along for the top stories of the past seven days:

Surprise One Direction news — the lads have a new album AND fresh track!

Niall Horan Yes GIF

Speaking of new music, Nick Jonas‘ “Jealous” just dropped.

Oh, and Kendall Schmidt‘s album with Heffron Drive came out, too.

Feud alert! Taylor Swift takes a dig at Katy Perry and vice versa.

Tumblr (fvckanonymous)

Tumblr (fvckanonymous)

Wow, we’ve never seen Ian Somerhalder this mad at his fans before.

The Vamps & Shawn Mendes just delivered the best collab of all time.

Wait, what? Ashley Tisdale got married!

Tumblr (niall-my-little-leprechaun)

Tumblr (niall-my-little-leprechaun)

A crowd of fashion editors and the like booed Justin Bieber, so he stripped, natch.

Tumblr (vas-happenin-potatoes)

Tumblr (vas-happenin-potatoes)

Oh hey, Nick Jonas stripped, too.

Alas, the final piece in the Mockingjay puzzle has been revealed!

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