The Week in Review (Expressed in One Direction GIFs)

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It's the end of (Hallo)week! As much as we enjoyed watching scary movies (except for The Nightmare Before Christmas) and dressing like our favorite YA book heroines, there were still plenty of happenings in the world of celebrities to keep us occupied even without the holiday. To remind you of what went down, we'll present the week in review — in One Direction GIFs:

The final Catching Fire trailer was released (and it was EPIC), reminding us that we'd do terribly in the Games ourselves.

One Direction GIFs: Niall Horan, Hunger Games

One Direction GIFs: Niall Horan, Hunger Games

Miley Cyrus announced her Bangerz tour, leaving Smilers fangirling and all others like this:

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But then we heard that Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas went on a double date, and that's when we really questioned life. Guess you can really be friends after a break-up, huh?

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What's that? The first X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer just hit the web?? ::happy dance::

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On a not-as-exciting note, Ed Sheeran may have a new girlfriend, meaning we can't dream about him serenading us anymore. But, we guess, as long as he's happy, then we're happy.


In even worse news, the Jonas Brothers officially called it quits!

The Average Table

The perfect pick-me-up: Ariana Grande's romantic music video for "Right There."


Oh, and did you see? Beyonce just provided a fan with the best day ever!

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And *gasp* Liam Payne reportedly broke up with his girlfriendof two seconds.

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To end on an even-keeled note, Ender's Games hits theaters this weekend. Woo.


One Direction releases "Story of My Life" single! Listen here:

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