The Week in Review, As Expressed in Kristen Stewart GIFs

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Kristen Stewart — that's certainly not a name you hear much of these days (as opposed to the bombardment of it two years ago. Yikes). Besides the 24-year-old's upcoming movie, Clouds of Sils Maria, opposite Chloe Moretz, most has been all quiet on the KStew front. Great for her personal life; stinky for fans of the Twilight actress. So, we felt we owed it to her Krisbians to utilize her best GIFs to present the biggest stories of the past seven days via Week in Review.

Emma Watson finally graduated college. Major thumbs up, girl!


KStew's Clouds of Sils Maria co-star, Chloe Moretz, also has a movie coming out with Denzel Washington. Interesting…

Kristen Stewart, Chloe Moretz Hug GIF

Phew, that whole One DirectionThe Wanted feud is O-V-E-R.


CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson — smoking pot!

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Is it just us, or did Miley Cyrus look more glam than usual at the 2014 World Music Awards?


My Big Fat Greek Wedding is getting a sequel! Hope it doesn't turn out like one of these

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Well, Justin Bieber definitely has a type

Kristen Stewart and Selena Gomez GIF

Hey, have you seen Bella Thorne's "Call It Whatever" music video yet?

Kristen Stewart Dancing GIF

Lovatics, rejoive! Demi Lovato's going on another tour!

Kristen Stewart Runaways Singing GIF

Lastly, Maleficent is now in theaters. Bow down!

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Is Jennifer Lawrence jealous of Kristen Stewart? Let's see…

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