The Week in Review, As Expressed in Miranda Cosgrove GIFs

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Oh my goodness, we sincerely apologize. iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove celebrated her 21st birthday this past week, and we didn't give her enough praise. (Or any at all, actually. Oops.) To make amends, we're enlisting the blossoming actress who grew up right before our eyes in the latest edition of Week in Review. Follow along with all of the GIFs below as we break down ten of the biggest stories from the past seven days:

Jennifer Lawrence tripped… AGAIN. This time, at the X-Men: Days of Future Past premiere. How? Just… how?


In a not-so-surprising change-up, Glee's final season will not be airing until 2015. Just one issue, though — do you really expect Gleeks to wait that long?

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Aaand Miley Cyrus finally went too far with her bad jokes…

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The Insurgent casting news is starting to trickle in. We gotta say, we're lovin' the first announcement!

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5 Seconds of Summer just revealed that the group's gonna be dropping an album. Yum.

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The first picture of the new Batman just debuted. Ben Affleck, is that really you?

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Solange got into a MAJOR fight with Jay Z. Can't we all hug and get along?

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The Teen Book of the Year has been chosen! It's definitely an interesting choice, we'll give you that.

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OMG, it's a Victorious cast reunion!


FYI, Godzilla is now in theaters! If you have no desire to see it, here's what we have to say to you:

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Miranda Cosgrove is not the little girl you once knew…

The School of Rock Reunion Was EVERYTHING