The Week in Review, As Expressed in Debby Ryan GIFs

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Debby Ryan is QUEEN. Or at least she could be if you vote for her in our latest survival game. While we wait for those results, we're enlisting the JESSIE star's help with our Week in Review.

You guys, the Harry Potter spin-off's being split into THREE films. Time to get a'dancing.

Dress-Up Girl

So, How I Met Your Mother ended… in the worst. Way. Possible.


Everyone should be really 'happy' about the new judge of The Voice. (See what we did there?)

Tumblr (catvalentine-rph)

Some woman felt that it was necessary to spend $25,000 on plastic surgery to look like Jennifer Lawrence. That could've gone toward her daughter's college fund!

Wiffle GIF

MAJOR drama's going down behind the scenes of Sam & Cat. Could this be the end of the Nickelodeon fave??

Tumblr (iloveradiorebel)

Not sure if you heard, but Zayn Malik "died." Peace out, Internet, we're done with you.


Drake Bell stopped dissing Justin Bieber long enough to take a jab at Ariana Grande. What's his deal anyway?

Role Play Gateway

Kendall Jenner's in the middle of a battle between Marie Claire and Twitter, but, like, what could she possibly do about it? *shrug*

Tumblr (ledamuir-rpc)

If these messages James Franco sent to a teen girl aren't part of a publicity stunt, we're gonna be seriously disturbed. Even more than we are already.

Blogspot (diariodefans1d)

At least we can end on a happy note. You can now see Chris Evans in theaters in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Swoon.

Tumblr (sobashmemaybe)

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