The Week in Review (Expressed in Jennette McCurdy GIFs)

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Filed under 'News We Never Saw Coming,' Jennette McCurdy pulled a Vanessa Hudgens (among others), and experienced a case of sexy photo leakage. Though not as bare as her predecessors, the pictures do depict a raunchy side of the 21-year-old star inappropriate for her Nickelodeon audience. To ease the ache, we're enlisting JM's help in the latest Week in Review:

The 86th Annual Academy Awards were on Sunday and, to be perfectly honest… the show was the best we've seen in YEARS.


The new cast of Dancing with the Stars was recently released, and guess who's signed on — James Maslow and Cody Simpson! Oh yeah.

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But wait, it all gets better. Cassie Clare just announced ANOTHER Shadowhunter trilogy!

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You guys, Demi Lovato shaved the side of her head. Talk about edgy.

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It seems that getting tattoos in honor of one's movies is becoming a thing. Ellie Goulding just got inked for Divergent!


Wow, there were a lot of three-way kisses involved in this year's MTV Movie Awards picks.

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Don't freak out just yet, One Direction fans, but Harry Styles may be in the Wicked movie adaptation.

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Did you see? Aaron Carter tweeted about Hilary Duff, and it's the saddest thing ever.

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All of a sudden, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are getting all flirty with one another.

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Rejoice! A Mean Girls reunion is on its way!

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Get the startling details on Jennette McCurdy's leaked pictures:

Jennette McCurdy Goes Red with Her 'do!