The Week in Review, As Expressed in Lucy Hale GIFs

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So much to talk about today, including… the return of Pretty Little Liars! Seriously, anyone else freaking out over *SPOILER* and *SPOILER*? Oh, and the fact that *SPOILER* died?! Sorry, we've probably given too much away. Anyway, since the show came back a few days ago, and it just so happens to be Lucy Hale's birthday today, the latest Week in Review is full of GIFs of the now-25-year-old. You're welcome, Little Liars!

Like we said, PLL is back in full force!

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STILL reeling from the release of The Fault in Our Stars, FYI.

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That Miley CyrusSelena Gomez feud is still going, guys.

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Taylor Swift further proved that she's a great BFF.


Initiates, rejoice — Insurgent's got a Uriah!


Aww, looks like love is in the air for Lea Michele again.


The Vamps have a new music video! But not everyone's feeling it

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Aaand Jelena's back on. K.

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Psst, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is now in theaters.

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Oh, and so is 22 Jump Street!

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Tyler Blackburn talks the future of Haleb on PLL:

10 Things That Happen on Every Episode of PLL