The Week in Review, As Expressed in Tyler Posey GIFs

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As fun as this past week was, guess what's happening this coming Monday — the season premiere of Teen Wolf! Yes, our faves are tapped to return to MTV on June 23, and we are freaking the eff out. So, to celebrate the upcoming action, we're using Tyler Posey GIFs to express the top celebrity stories of the past seven days for our Week in Review:

Dayum, Kendall Jenner's MMVA dress was definitely… something.


Video footage of Ansel Elgort singing made its way to the Internet, proving he's even more wonderful than we all thought.

Tyler Posey Perfect

Congratulations to Zendayashe's gonna portray Aaliyah!


The Teen Choice Awards nominees are here, people!

Buzznet (pishelle)

But… Baby Daddy's over for the summer. *sad face*

Tumblr (gif-help)

So, Jelena's back on. Personally, we'd rather see this happen:


Jennifer Lawrence's email address is SO Jennifer Lawrence.

Key Smash Blog

Further proof Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are the actual best.

Tumblr (dead-over-heels-rph)

OMG, Taylor Swift's new kitten is PRECIOUS. Just like her name.


Honestly, we've heard so many Ed Sheeran songs this week, we're unable to process all the feelings inside.

Tumblr (heresgifsforyou)

The Season 4 trailer for Teen Wolf is absolutely NUTS:

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