The Week in Review, Expressed in Selena Gomez GIFs

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Selena Gomez's 22nd birthday — for some reason, it's the talk of the town. Who's on the guest list? Will Justin Bieber be there? Or Taylor Swift? Really, it's getting out. Of. Hand. Until the day comes when we can learn all the answers to these questions — FYI, her birthday's on July 22, so stay tuned — let's take a look at the top stories of the past seven days via the Week in Review with the help of the "Birthday" singer herself:

SPOTTED: Zac Efron making out with… Michelle Rodriguez? Well, whatever makes him happy.


Embarrassingly, Harry Styles favorited a porn tweet — and the entire world could see it!

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Have you seen Kristen Stewart's new chopped locks? 'cause we're actually obsessed.


To the people who returned the bench from The Fault in Our Stars:

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The final verdict on Naya Rivera's return to Glee is in…

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OMGOMGOMG, J.K. Rowling wrote another Harry Potter story — set in the freaking future!

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If you haven't watched it yet, Fifth Harmony's "BO$$" music video is BOSS.

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Guess Justin Bieber's off the hook… again.

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Congratulations to Emma Watson — she's involved in yet another book-turned-movie.

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So, let's talk about the latest guy Miley Cyrus is "dating."

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