The Week in Review (Expressed in Emma Watson GIFs)

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The first full week of the new year has come and gone. Pretty easy, right? (Actually, for those of us on the East Coast, it sucked — freaking snowstorm.) But if you haven't had the chance to catch up on the biggest stories of the past seven days, we've got the ultimate hookup. For this edition of The Week in Review, here are 10 Emma Watson GIFs to demonstrate:

Justin Bieber put up a new picture of him with ex(?)-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Awesome.

Tumblr (brokenthimble)

Then buzz spread that Emma Roberts and Evan Peters got engaged, and we were all like, "You go, (other) Emma!"

We Heart It

In case you haven't heard, Harry Styles is learning Hebrew, which is causing us to look at him in a new light; in a more, "This guy could totally be my husband some day" way.

Tumblr (thefangirl-directory)

In the land of TV, Teen Wolf had one heck of a premiere — Crystal Reed was forced to kiss Daniel Sharman, post-breakup!

Emma Watson Awkward GIF

As for other television premieres, Pretty Little Liars' was also this week, and… well, it wasn't the best it could've been.

Tumblr (justgifhunts)

On the plus side, PLL's own Lucy Hale introduced the world to her country music. Get ready to put the top down on your car.


ICYMI, Noah Cyrus turned 14! It's like we're watching her grow up right before our very eyes.

Wiffle GIF

The People's Choice Awards aired, which should've been a happy occasion. Instead, it turned into a debate between the TVD and Glee fandoms, and everyone else is just sitting back watching like:

Tumblr (cuteness-watson)

Rumors spread that Dylan O'Brien may be cast in The Mortal Instruments. While we do heart him, like, a lot, we just do NOT see it.

Tumblr (ridethegagacorn)

Finally, Lea Michele released her "Cannonball" music video. So proud of you, girl! xoxo

Tumblr (isnortfloopowder)

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